Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Look, I found a Deer in the backyard!

If you have a dog this color and want to do this costume next year it is really easy and really cheap and long as you have a patient subject!  It cost me about $6.

For the spots I used white finger paint.  Finger paint is non-toxic and washes out really easy because it is meant for toddlers who sometimes eat it.  Copley is a very calm dog anyway, so he stood pretty still for the painting.  While it was drying I gave him a bully stick to chew and had him sit in the sun.  His collar is an old collar I sewed felt leaves onto.  The leaves came off a thanksgiving centerpiece that got wet lest year and was ruined, I saved the leaves and there you go!

The finger paint came off in about 30 seconds in the tub.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Treat Swap!

This last week I did a treat swap hosted by Nola and Cole!

My swap partner was the super cool Kourtney of The Queens Kourt and her two pups Lucy and Rossi!  They sent us a really cool package from a local dog bakery.

 The treats were a big hit! 

 I love the Holloween themed ones-they are cut into fun shapes for the holiday.

 As you can see George the foster dog (still looking for a home- visit for more information) LOVES the treats.

And for the toy.  Oh boy is this one a hit.  It has a different kind of squeaker that claims to work even if punctured.  That may be true but the best part of this toy is that it is really easy to squeak.  No matter where Kerrigan's tiny little mouth grabs the thing it makes noise.  She hasn't stopped going nuts for it in days.

Want to see what I sent over to Kourt?  Check out
Also if you like this blog you may also want to stop by my doggie friend Nola's blog at, she is a lot of fun and eats a home-made diet just like we do!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Culturally Disconnected Copley

I have a little story to tell you about Copley's name.  See when we got Copley we were really, really missing Boston.  Culture shock is a real thing.  Me and my husband are not sheltered people.  He has lived on three continents and I have lived all up and down the east coast of the US.  But you know there is something about the West that is just different.  Moving from Miami to Maine was probably similar but I was a bit if a clueless kid.  I still feel great when I fly into MIA and see those palm trees and that beach.  Boston fit me like a glove.  The art museums, the history, riding the subway, the theater, the food.  The impressionist gallery in the MFA.  Ben had different things but it was the same idea.  We both loved Boston and often talk about how much we miss it.  Vacationing in DC and working in Central New York and Southern Maine let me see the whole Atlantic and I have to say I think there is something that culturally connects most East Coasters.  Maybe it is the history, or the art or the fact that the mayflower landed over there but there is just something about it.  Out here, at least then, we hang out with a lot of East Coasters or people who's parents are East Coasters (maybe I should say Coaster because sometimes I think people from the Pacific Coast are practically New Yorkers themselves).  Now a few of the people I would count as our very best friends are from the West but it wasn't the case when we got Copley.

Most of the time I see the strange cultural disconnect coming.  Then there are the times when I bumble forward thinking that I am doing something perfectly normal or looking for something that I think is common and everyone looks at me like I have three heads.  Copley's name was apparently one of those things.  John Singleton Copley was a Boston born early American painter.  I GUARANTEE you have seen a painting of his.  He did lots of portrates of people who were famous figures of the American Revolution (Hancock, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams etc...).  His pictures are all over the National Gallery- and if you have been there you may have even seen his self portrate.  It is also the name of a hotel, a square and most importantly to me an MBTA station.  Every day (sometimes twice and if I was going out at night then four times) I rode through that subway station.  Once while me and Ben were dating I even got food poisoning and threw up in a trash can in Copley station!  Needless to say me and Copley station were good buddies.  Maybe it was because I became so intimately familiar with the station, or my constant trips to the Museume of Fine Art but when we got Copley and named him there were two facts I seemed to think were true.
  1. People could properly pronounce the word Copley.
  2. Everyone knew who John Copley was,
The first time someone read Copley's name and said "cope-ley" I literally laughed at that person.  How silly!  Cope- ley- isn't that vet tech a moron.  Then the vet came in the room and read the chart "Coop-leigh."  WTF was going on.  How can no one pronounce this word!!!!!  Then came "what in interesting name?" or "oh are you a history buff?"  Seriously people?  I am not a history buff.  I even had to wikipedia the guy before I named my dog to make sure he didn't do any horrible stuff I would want to know about.  Not a history buff.

P.S. I thought I published this like a year ago, but I guess not, cause I found it in drafts on my phone app.  Lets see how the phone formatting goes too!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Adoption Day Kerrigan!!

This picture = Kerrigan Exactly
Happy Adoption Day!!!!  One year ago yesterday we brought Kerri home from the shelter.  I can't believe it has been a whole year with this little gal!  Lets recap the highlights of this year-
What a year right?!?!  To celebrate I threw a party!  We had pizza and cupcakes and plenty of human friends over.  Here are some pictures- mostly of food because lets face it- food is easier to photograph than excited dogs.
 My new obsession is fondant so I rolled some out and cut out bones and hearts to decorate the cupcakes with.
 The cupcakes all decorated!
 Close up of the cupcakes!  I almost got dog cupcakes but the bakery is so far away and I figured these vanilla cupcakes are probably equally as bad for the dogs so I gave them each a little bit of vanilla cake without frosting.
 These were Kerris gift.  You can see how much she loves that little dinosaur in the first picture.  It is the green blur in her mouth.
 Mmmmmm, pizza.
 The whole spread.
 The dogs wait patiently to get a chance at their pizza.  (I don't feed my dogs pizza every day but it was a special occasion and since I made it from scratch I knew there was nothing tooo bad in it, just a little fattening.)
 This was about 2 seconds after they were released.  Notice Kerri is GONE, Copley has decided chewing is for loosers and George bumbles on oblivious to his surroundings as usual.

PS- Yes, foster dog George still lives here!  If you live in the Las Vegas area and want to adopt this adorable goofball visit for more information.  He deserves a great forever home.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

 "I have all the toys in the land"
"Now I sleep on them to keep them safe"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama Dogs

We are very politically involved around here at DogInTheDesert.  Tonight we are settling down on the couch with our American flag and Obama Dog argyle sweaters to watch the debate.  Nothing more patriotic than taking part in the political process!

We are with you Mr. President!  Secretly though I think Kerri and Copley just want to see Bo get four more years to romp around the White house.

Seriously though- everyone, no matter what candidate you are for be in involved, get informed and most importantly go vote!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kerrigan at the Vet

 Kerri went to the vet yesterday and did such a good job.  The vet we go to now is great too.  They have adorable pictures of baby African animals in the waiting room, lots of paraphernalia about environmentalism (right up my alley) and they don't try to sell me a bunch of useless stuff.  On top of that after they drew blood they put that bandage on her leg and the tech picked purple because it complemented her fur the best.  These people are so sweet and kind I just love them.  Kerri responded to their kindness by being "the sweetest chihuahua they have seen in a long time."  That's my girl- so well behaved an social.  

Why was Kerrigan at the vet you ask?  She had to get her rabies vaccine- now she is on a 3 year vaccine so that is great.  I know getting the vaccine is "controversial" in some circles and a lot of people think dog owners should BREAK THE LAW and not give it.  Here is my feeling- yes the rabies vaccine can cause issues- particularly in tiny dogs- but those vaccine damage issues are totally overblown on the internet.  We vaccinate for rabies as a way to protect human public health.  Before domestic animals were routinely vaccinated people died from rabies all the time in this country.  Many of those people were children.  With that said I would not vaccinate a sick dog (the label on the vaccine even says not to do that), I will give the longest vaccine I can (right now that is 3 years) and I will support more research to extend the length a rabies vaccine is approved for to 7 years.  I will not lie about rabies vaccines and endanger the life of my dog who would be killed if I could not prove they were current and anyone even pretended my dog may have bit or scratched them.  As far as parvo/distemper goes Kerri was not even "due" according to my old vet and my new vet feels that immunity last for life for those vaccines so that's that.  Some research shows those vaccines last for life, a lot of the research shows they last for at least seven years so I will be doing more research on those in 6 years when I have to decide about re-vaccination.  I am pretty sure half the dog community will think I was paid millions of dollars by pfizer to write that paragraph and consider me "brainwashed by major pharmaceutical companies" in an effort to perpetuate dangerous vaccines that are killing us all.  Luckily I don't really care what those people think.

Now that I opened that can of worms let me say Kerri got a totally clean bill of health.  I just got the call that her heartworm test was negative so we are all good for another year!  Also see that picture and all the stuff that the rain has washed into my yard?  Looks like a pigeon died back there but all I can find is feathers- plus all the rocks that belong to my neighbors.  It has been raining for like 2 days straight here and as far as this city is concerned that means the world is coming to an end.  It is DogInTheDESERT after all.  I am also glad I spent the day leaf blowing and fertilizing the trees Monday.  Have a great week everyone!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Update on Bean

Remember this little lady?  She recently went to the vet for a bit of a tumor on her leg/side.  Well I am happy to say things seem to be going well for her.  The vet said it feels like a benign mammary tumor like the rats get all the time.  With Bean being 2 years old, and her not seeming bothered by the little lump, we decided to just leave it in place.  Over the last week it does not seem to have grown at all and we are crossing our fingers that it stays that way.  If it does grow we will have it taken off but the surgery is risky for a small elderly mouse like her.  In the meanwhile Bean is still happily running on the wheel, eating and chasing her sister around the cage.  Lets hope it stays that way.

In happier news- we got an agility jump for the house.

Kerri is so excited.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bark Box Review Month Two

I wasn't going to review Bark Box every month but a few people have asked me about this month so I decided I would give it a little attention.  If you have not heard of Bark Box before take a look at my last post so you can see what it is all about.

If you want to subscribe you can use this link for a $5 discount on your first order.

Overall this month was great- Barkbox seems to be a good value still and I am enjoying finding new stuff.  So far I have bought more of 3 items I have received in the box because I like them so much.  Just for the "finding new things" factor barkbox is worth it for me.  On top of that I think I am actually saving money in the long run because the fact that the barkbox is coming stops me from buying any dog toys during the month when I am out and about.  So there you go- another bonus is that it can help to curb your bad buying habits by giving you something new to look forward to instead of trying to satiate your need through retail therapy.

Copley enjoying a Bully Stick
I will get right down to the review and talk about what I got in this months box in order of most looked to least liked. 
  • Barkworthies Bully Stick.  This has to be our favorite because Copley LOVES his bully sticks.  I don't think I really have to tell you how many of them we go through around here and I will never turn away a USA made bully stick.  I do have to admit that bully sticks are the one thing I buy made with South American beef.  I just can't find them made with US beef AND processed in the US.  I can find US beef processed in Mexico and South American grassfed beef processed in the US.  I have chosen South American grassfed beef processed in the US as the safer option for us.  This bully stick was one of those types.
  • Whole Life Pet Organic Freeze Dried Sweet Potato.  We got a whole bag of those and a little sample of their chicken.  These are great- Kerrigan loves them and she is not the type to eat just anything.  Unfortunately Copley is allergic to sweet potato so he can not partake.  The good news for him is that I checked out Whole Life Pet, loved them, and already ordered and received some of their Organic Freeze Dried Chicken and Copley does love that.  The hermit crabs love the chicken too.
  • coupon for $10 off your first order.  There was no minimum purchase on this and the fine print was minimal so it really was nice.  I already used it to buy a bag of Whole Live Organic Chicken treats that I just talked about.
  • Zukes Z-bones.  Copley is allergic to these dental bones so I don't buy them for the dogs.  I DO get the tiny ones for the rats.  They have a good time with me tying them up in hard to get places or putting them in bird shredder boxes so they have to work really hard to get them.  I like zukes as a company and use lots of their products.  I did let Kerri eat this one but she had to sit in my lap with it so there was no chance Copley could get it.  She LOVED it but I have to admit the smell was a little strong for her to chew it in my lap.  On the up side I did get this adorable picture you saw last week while she was eating it.
The bottle should not stick out like that
  • Zigoo Pets Crinket Toy.  I don't think I am using this correctly.  It is a toy you are supposed to put a water bottle into so your dog can play with it without destroying the bottle right away.  I was excited because my dogs love empty water bottles but I can't find a bottle that fits in it and just got frustrated.  As you can see I did manage to shove a too big bottle in it and the dogs mildly enjoy it.  I can see how a bigger dog would LOVE their bigger model and how it would be easier to find a bottle to fit in that one.  Personally I think they should ship it with a recycled bottle already in it to save people the aggravation.  This toy got an ehhh from us.  Also I saw what they are trying to sell them for and I would never pay that.  You win some you loose some I guess.  Other reviewers are talking about this toy like it is the best thing since sliced bread so maybe it is just my inability to see how to work it.
  • Also we got a single wet wipe sample from LA fresh- it was just one so not enough to either add value or for me to really review.
Lastly I was not paid for this review but I DO receive a free barkbox for everyone who subscribes using my $5 off link.