Friday, October 14, 2011


Since adopting our dog Copley a little over a year ago I have been thrown headfirst into the world of dogs.  I have volunteered with a private rescue, taken classes with show dogs (and their owners and breeders) and encountered many other dog owners at the pet store, park and even in my neighborhood.

While these people all have very different points of view they share three basic qualities.
  1. They have opinions about how you should raise your dog.
  2. They are convinced they are right.
  3. They are not afraid to share their opinion with you no matter how crazy and misguided their opinion is.
I really try to listen to what people have to say, understand it, and take it to heart, but sometimes I wish there was more of a healthy debate about things.

So that brings me to this blog.  If I am too polite to tell people how I think it is in the real world why not hide behind the anonymity of the internet to share my thoughts and experiences as a dog owner?  Even if no one reads it at least I will have the illusion of getting my ideas out.

Plus... don't tell Copley... but we are going to be getting a new puppy.  I am sure the puppies grandparents are going to want to be reading so they can watch their new four legged grand-kid grow up.

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