Monday, January 9, 2012


Much to my surprise people seem to actually be reading this blog.  When I started I figured that no one would read it so this is an interesting surprise.

I also find myself worrying about being judged by those readers or driving them away.  Then I remembered why I started this blog in the first place.  I wanted a place to get my opinions out.  When people tell me I am going to turn my dog viscous by feeding them fresh meat I want a place where I can tell those people that they are nuts, wrong and to stop judging me.  Cause saying those sorts of things in real life doesn't get you anywhere, after all if their logic is that flawed to begin with I am not going to be able to win that argument with reason and fact.  So here is a list of what this blog is or is not- accompanied by slightly irrelevant pictures of my cute puppies.

  • This blog IS going to be funny.  It will be funny because my writing is sarcastic and I try to find the humor in life.  It is NOT going to be funny pictures of my dogs doing mischievous things.  That is because dogs being destructive and getting into things they shouldn't means that my dogs are under-stimulated, under exercised or not properly supervised.  Sure they misbehave, but I try to use it as opportunities to re direct them to a more appropriate behavior, not get out the camera.  Hilarious misbehaved hyper dogs are sad, unstable and need help.  In my opinion things like tiny dog hamburgers are much more hilarious.
  • This blog is NOT and advise column.  Do your own research.  I learned everything I know from reading books (mostly) and google (be careful with that).  Anyone else could learn the same thing.
  • I will try to keep my posts mostly dog related but when I also have these cute faces looking up at me I might be forced to stray into the rodent world from time to time.
  •  Yes that's a mouse.
  • I will not use this blog to judge you for your informed actions- I only judge people for uninformed stupidity.  It just drives me nuts when people judge others for how they train their dogs, what they feed them or where they got them.  There is nothing wrong with adopting a dog from the pound or getting it from a good breeder whose ethics you know and agree with.  You are not a horrible person for feeding your dog pre-made food.  On that note there is nothing wrong with me feeding a home made diet either!
  •  Lastly this in NOT the blog of a professional blogger.  I have come to realize most bloggers are one of the following three things- a writer, a stay at home mom or an evangelical christian.  I am not a writer or a stay at home mom (in fact I am not a mom at all).  I have a job that does not involve any writing at all beyond the occasional e-mail.  It is more of an image and vector based thing than a word thing.  While my religious views are totally irrelevant to this blog lets just say I am never going to be using it to bring people closer to Jesus.
  • In regards to the last item- I have no problem with stay at home mothers, writers or people who attend church.  I am just puzzled why they rule the world of personal blogs (not the writers- that actually makes a lot of sense).

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