Sunday, January 29, 2012

What We Learned Today

Today we learned some important lessons-
  1. There is a reason that we but non-toxic cleaning and gardening products
  2. The dogs believe fertilizer is both delicious to eat and fun to roll in
  3. The Home Again pet emergency helpline is very helpful
The dogs ate and rolled in fertilizer that was left sitting out in the yard today.  I called the Home Again poison control helpline thingy and  they looked up this particular kind of fertilizer.  As it turns out this stuff only causes what their vet described as "mild GI upset" and I was advised to feed them to help pad their stomach from the onslaught of fertilizer and to bring them to the vet if they started acting unusual.

We got lucky because a lot of fertilizers (even organic ones) are really nasty and it could have been bad.  This is the reason that we try to buy pet safe and non toxic cleaners and gardening products, you never know when you are going to mess up like this.

"Not my fault- the puppy made me do it"

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