Friday, March 14, 2014

Lots of Things

We have been super busy around here lately and there is so much I need to blog about!  There are a bunch of little things though, that I would like to say, so let me pack those all in here.  Some of them would appreciate your feedback.
  • Nova played with a guest we had over.  Just for a second, but it was really cool to see.  The first time I have seen her being anything but cautious with anyone but me.
  • In other Nova news- obedience class is going well, I will have a longer update on that soon.
  • By the end of the month I will have had family in town for over 2/3 of the month, that's a lot of time hanging with people and not updating this blog.
  • I am going to Sedona, AZ with Kerrigan and my Mom next weekend, if anyone has any suggestions for good places to visit with a dog that would be super cool!
  • I've been puppy sitting a really cool little guy our friends recently adopted from our local kill shelter (where Kerri came from).  If you want cute puppy pictures you should follow us on instagram @doginthedesert  While you are at it also follow us on facebook.
  • Speaking of instagram, who are your favorite people to follow?  I want to know.
  • Copley has grown one single white whisker.  I like it.
 That's all I can muster time for folks!  Follow us on facebook/instagram and we promise to provide you with lots of entertainment in the coming weeks!  (also we promise to follow you back if you comment/indicate you have followed us).