Friday, November 30, 2012

BarkBox Review

Hey everybody!  I have decided to review Barkbox again this month because it IS that time of year when everyone is looking for gifts and I am so happy with BarkBox I think it would be the perfect holiday present for the doggie friends in your life!  If you are not familiar with BarkBox you can read my other reviews for August and SeptemberAs always you can use my link to get $5 off your first box!
I have been more than happy with the boxes these last few months.  We get fun treats, fun toys and cool other stuff to try out.  Whatever I don't like I just bring to adoption events and drop off with the other foster families- but that is actually not very much stuff.  I think in the long run the boxes are actually saving me money because I wait to buy dog toys until I see the box so I am not doing a lot of over shopping like I usually do.

Lets get down to reviewing the box!
  1. First the treats.  They were Fruitables brand- we LOVE fruitables around here.  Mostly I buy them for the rats but these soft treats were a big hit with the dogs too.  My dogs are not terribly excited about the more biscuit-ey style of fruitables but they loved these.  Plus they were a festive pumpkin flavor for the holidays!  Fruitables are made in the USA with good ingredients so they pass my rather rigorous inspection process for good treats.
  2. Acadia Antlers.  We have gotten antlers before from BarkBox, and just because we love antlers ourselves.  The antler this month was a antler on a rope and the dogs loved it just like they love every antler they see.  Despite it's size this antler has lasted a long while- but it may have something to do with the giant moose antlers we just got distracting the dogs.  Either way this gets a big thumbs up from us!
  3. Mr. Barksmiths Cool Treat Smoothy.  This was fun I guess and the dogs like it and it has good ingredients but I don't think I would buy them.  They are just fruit puree in a cup.  I can puree my own fruit and freeze it for much cheaper than these things are.  For inclusion in the BarkBox they are cool, but other than that ehhh.
  4. Bionic Bone.  This bone is a huge hit!  In fact I would recommend them to people with dogs who like licking stuff out of kongs and the like.  It is very similar to a kong in that you can freeze it and stuff stuff in it and it is somewhat indestructible, but I like it because the holes seem a little more ergonomically designed for a dog to get their tongue into.  Copley can really lick this clean all the way down.

That was all of the "stuff" in the box but this month we also got a $10 gift card for Mr. Chewy, a $10 gift card for Dog TV and $10 off dog sitting at  That is $30 worth of free stuff!  The dog TV is really fun/cool/love it and that will be getting it's own review soon.

Overall I must say this is my favorite BarkBox yet!  I think the company is really listening to its subscribers and they are making a better and better product every month.

*BarkBox did not pay me for this review, I signed up on my own, but if you use my link I do get free stuff.  In addition though you get $5 off so it is a win-win.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness

Wee Thump is one of our favorite places to hang out.  First of all it has the biggest and coolest Joshua Trees in the world.  Second the trails are flat and fun to walk and there is rarely anyone there. 

My father in law came to visit and we all went for a little hike.  Southern Nevada is getting so beautiful right now.  The weather is PERFECT and we can't get enough of being outside.  Too bad I work in an industry that locks me in windowless rooms for the holiday season.*  I won't bore you with too much description because I am too busy to write anything right now, but lets pretend the pictures are so great they speak for themselves.  You should just be happy I managed to hobble together 10 minutes to write a blog post.

One final thought.  Wee Thump has a lot of cactus bits and spines on the ground.  I recommend paw protection if you have it.  Copley says "always be prepared"!


We love the gulpy!

*Don't worry- I don't work retail, so it is likely I will survive black Friday.  Also I work for myself so I have no one to complain to but me and my own calendar.