Saturday, August 25, 2012

BarkBox Review!

 (lets start this post with my apology for cell phone photos- our camera was stolen out of our mangled wreck of a car and I haven't had a chance to decide what kind I want to buy yet)

Last month I signed Copley up for a cool new thing called BarkBox.  It is kinda like fruit of the month club but for your dog- you get a package of dog toys/supplies and cool stuff every month in the mail for $17-$25 a month depending on how many months you sign up for.  My first impressions for this month are- WORTH IT!  For organizations sake I shal rate the items in the box from my favorite to my least favorite!  Of the five items in the box 4 get my seal of approval and as far as things like this go that's good odds.

  • Bocce's Bakery treats "The Elvis" flavor.  These treats are modeled after Elvis's famous favorite food banana, peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.  Unlike Elvis's sandwich these treats are healthy with only 4 ingredients, no wheat, turkey bacon instead of that fattening pork stuff and they are made in NYC!  Well BarkBox must know me well sending Elvis themed dog treats.  Me and Mr. DogInTheDesert are big Elvis fans.  How big you ask?
Yeah, that's a picture of Elvis marrying us.
Did I mention the dogs loved the treats too?  Well they did.
  • A Moose antler from Acadia Antlers.  We buy antlers a lot but only ever deer and elk antlers.  This one is cool cause it is actually a slice of moose antler so Copley has immediate access to his favorite part of the antler (the inside) but it is still really firm and not really porous like the inside of the elk antlers so I think it will last a long time.  It is also the perfect size for him- I am glad I went with the medium box even though at 22lbs Copley is right on the edge of two sizes.  Two thumbs up for this one.  Also antlers are not cheap- this really helps with the overall value of the box. (Edited to say- Just realized these are from Maine!  LOVE IT!  We are Maine fans having lived there for quite a while)
 Kerri is being really submissive and begging Copley to let her have the antler.  It took a long while but she eventually did get a go at it.  Two Paws up from her too.
  • Hyper Pet Flying Pig slingshot toy.  OMG- this toy is so fun!  I only wish I had gotten a smaller one!  This one is the perfect size for Copley (and it was his box) but Kerrigan LOVES it.  It is really almost as big as her but it is the perfect toy!  I am always thinking "I wish we could get a plush toy that would fly farther" and this solves that problem.  She likes balls- but she LOVES plush toys I just can't throw them far enough.  I checked out online and I see they make the flying pig in a mini size- I will be ordering that ASAP.  In the meanwhile we are going to have fun with this full size guy too.  This is definitely Kerri's favorite thing in the box- Copley prefers the antler- but I rated it 3rd cause I am the one writing the blog and I WAS MARRIED BY ELVIS!!! 
  • Natures Miracle Freshening Spray for Dogs.  This is good timing- remember yesterday when I admitted I deodorize my foster dogs before going to adoption events?  That is what I will be doing with this.  I can't see getting much use out of it for my own dogs (remember they don't smell) but foster dogs for months to come will be using it I am sure.  Conveniently I just ran out of the spray I usually use it will be fun to try something else.
  • Finally the one thing I am not crazy about in the box is Milk Bone Trail Mix.  I would NEVER buy something by Del Monte foods for my dogs.  They are one of the evilest of the food suppliers and I avoid their products for myself along with my dogs.  I do like the idea of "trail mix" but would encourage you to get something that actually gives your dog good energy like Zukes Power Bones (what we use for long hikes) or Nutrical or something.  This milk bone trail mix is so far out of left field and if I was the Bocce's Bakery treat I would be ashamed to be in the same box as these.  I do have to say the ingredients list is not THAT bad if your dogs have no allergies but I am still unimpressed.  Copley is allergic to sweet potatoes so he can't have it anyway but really that is secondary to the fact that it is manufactured by the fine company that also brings us such great brands as Kibbles n' Bits, Milos Kitchen (remember the jerkey treats killing dogs) and Meow Mix.  But I will give BarkBox a pass on this one- the rest of the box was so good and there are worse treats out there
In conclusion BarkBox is totally worth it for me.  Getting to try new products I usually would not see at my pet store is the best part and the dogs like it too.  The box was absolutely worth the money as far as I am concerned.  So that's the review!  If you want to sign up for BarkBox use my link to get $5 off your first order.
I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review- but if you use my link I do get a free box.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Sounds like an awesome thing! I agree with you on the milkbones though, I don't give them to my dogs
    Nola's Mom

  2. Oh man! My Golden Retrievers would love Moose Antler. I live in California and I don't think there are many Moose around here. I am definitely going to have to check out a place online to try this sometime. Right now I buy beef ribs at the grocery store and give them those, I think they are a better value than the ones marketed as pet treats. I think this BarkBox is a great idea, I mean we treat ourselves to wine of the month and fruit of the month clubs, like you mentioned, so we may as well treat our dogs to one too. Even if you only got it for a few months, you might find something your dog loves that you can keep getting the antler for someone who has never given them to their dogs.