Friday, August 24, 2012

Bath Time!

Today we had bath time for everyone at our house!  It is not something that happens often because... I hate to brag... but my dogs don't smell.  I know, I know!  How is that possible?  I have my theories and it is not all me.
  1. Homemade food- raw- pastured cattle and farmers market veggies.  Fewer toxins go in- fewer toxins seep out the skin.  That one's simple.  Also dogs on cheap kibble feel greasy (not sure why that is)- mine don't so that for sure helps because dirt sticks to grease.
  2. No bugs.  We really don't have biting bugs of any sort in Las Vegas so my dogs are not ever iching/licking/biting.  That has to help with smell.
  3. 0% humidity.  It is really dry here so everything smells better- even trash and dog poop.
  4. Short hair and a shedding breed.  I find the stinkiest dogs are the long hair non shedding ones.  Copley and Kerri seem to have hair that causes dirt to just slide off.
With that said once in a while even the cleanest dog needs a bath.  These guys were todays victims.

George (the foster dog) got one because I like to either bathe fosters or if they hate baths at least spritz them with something so they are deodorized and looking good for adoption events.  I have to admit some fosters never get a bath because they are either just fixed or they get adopted before I have the chance but George had been here a few weeks and I figured we moved past the point where a bath would ruin my relationship with him.  Today was the day and actually he enjoyed it a little I think.  Hopefully his new good looks will get him adopted tomorrow!

Kerrigan has not had a bath in 6 months.  She was getting a little stinky.

Copley was doing ok in the stink department but on the advise of our holistic vet I am giving him a bath more often to help wash away the toxins he may be seeping out of his skin as he gets over this TBD issue.  I am skeptical about this but I see how it might help out a little so I am TRYING to give him more baths.  It helps that he is a cooperative bather.

I don't have any pictures during the bath (it is a bit of an electronics hazard with the shaking dogs and water an all) but I do have a great video of everyone drying off.  My dogs LOVE playing and rolling in the damp towels after a bath.  It also has the bonus of drying them off further so now after we all air dry a little in the heat outside I let them in to go crazy on the towels on the floor!

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Haha, that drying off video is adorable! That's what my pack does too.
    YES, the difference in their skin/coat/smell/everything since switching to homemade is just incredible! They literally have no smell. Nola gets bathed more than the other 3, her skin gets irritated by certain grasses and stuff like that :(. Going to the beach more often has helped so much with that, and makes their fur sooo soft.
    I have noticed my (fixed) male smells 100x worse than the females
    Nola's Mom

    1. Absolutely- a lot of people think it is the raw thing that makes them smell better but I think it is anything home-made and not filled gross who-knows-what. Just for that fact I could never go back to kibble!

  2. I have a couple chihuahuas who love the bath...they run and jump into the tub when the water is running. My Golden Retrievers like attention so much that they love to sit and be scrubbed. Guess I am lucky I don't have to fight with mine to get them to take a bath:)