Saturday, August 18, 2012

S****y week- Adorable Kerrigan

A few days ago I was in a car crash.  I am ok but it is kinda a miracle.  Someone swerved in front of me on the highway and clipped my front end.  That sent my car spinning out of control and I slammed into a concrete median barricade then skidded 125 feet and hit the median again.  The car was totaled and I walked away with a bloody hand, and bruises all over- mostly from the seatbelt and a few burns on my arms from the airbag.  I was on my way to the supermarket to buy chicken for the dogs.

Luckily there were no dogs in the car but I do keep my crate in there for transporting dogs.  I can't even begin to express my appreciation to the paramedic who after seeing I was ok asked if there was a dog in the crate and if they could help me with them.  I was so grateful there was no dog in there but it really hit home that they just as easily could have been.  I have always insisted my dogs ride in the crate for this very reason.  If my dogs were loose in the car they would have been thrown from the car out the front window into oncoming freeway traffic.  Imagine if they had been tethered to something in the car by a collar?  Or even those car harnesses are so easy to slip out of I can only imagine them flying around in one of those.  Would my dogs have survived that crash in the crate?  I really don't know (in fact I can't even believe I made it out of that car myself) but it would have been a hell of a lot better than the alternative.  No matter how careful you are things can happen.  This accident was not my fault, I was going the speed limit and had both hands on the wheel.  So next time you secure you dog in the car I want you to imagine what would happen to them if your car hit a concrete wall going 65 MPH.

Oh and did I mention this story gets worse?
When we went to get our belongings out of the car (as if just seeing our mangled mess of a car was not traumatic enough) someone at the tow lot stole my house keys, GPS and mail that was in the car and our garage door clickers.  Long story short a common crime around here is stealing peoples keys and then going to their house when they are not home with a moving truck.  Well the tow lot was about 45 minutes from our house so we called 911 and the VERY UNHELPFUL OPERATOR, whom I have filed complaints about for transferring me to an AUTOMATED MESSAGING SERVICE INSTEAD OF SENDING OUT AN OFFICER warned me that people were probably breaking into my house but they were not going to do anything about it.  Finally I called 911 again (And so did my husband) and they finally agreed to do an area check of the house.  I assume they did but who knows.  We raced home to find someone had attempted to get in the front door but in this really bad heat our top lock is jammed and can only be opened from the inside so they presumably gave up and left.

In the way to long ride home to our house all I could think of was "don't take the dogs!"  That was interspersed with thoughts that if the person was scarey enough, making enough noise, giving off enough bad energy, and they stuck their hand in Kerrigans crate she MIGHT bite them.  Never have I wished so hard that my dogs would bite a person in my entire life.  We spend so much time socializing them and teaching them to love all people but it leaves them so defenseless.  Copley would follow a criminal right out the front door no matter who they were.  Like I said Kerrigan is a little more cautious- but I don't think she would go so far as to put up a fight.

So dealing with all that is why I have been MIA for a little while and also why 30DOCPP turned into 17 DOCPP.  I hope you understand.

On a final note I wanted to tell one more story.  Once we bagged up everything that was in the car and finally got it home we spread everything out on the floor.  Kerri sneaked into the pile, found a granola bar wrapper and slinked away in the most adorable "maybe no one will see me and I can go chew on this in the corner" sort of way- looking from side to side, turning her head when Copley looked her way.  It was friggin adorable!  And it is absolutely why I love my dogs.  They can look at a pile of mostly trash that was rummaged through by thieves and then dumped on my floor and instead of seeing all the horrible things it represented see an opportunity.  An opportunity to sneak off with an absolutely amazing prize in the form of a crumb filled granola bar wrapper!  All the trouble I put into keeping them safe and healthy is worth it just for that.

Who could look at this happy little girl and not smile?

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  1. OMG I'm so glad you're okay and nothing got stolen!
    That's the main reason I didn't do much "Be nice and let anyone pet you when you're at home/in the yard" with Nola. If someone came in and they weren't suppose to be there I believe 100% Nola would bite
    Nola's MOm