Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Pet Sitters and Changing Paltforms

 Actual view from vacation

For 12 days this month we were on vacation WITHOUT the dogs.  It was an amazing time, I was in one of my closest friends weddings, but too long.  Poor Nova doesn't really do well with people other than me, so it is tough to leave her and I worry.  Typically I send Copley to hang out with his best dog buddies at our friends house and have another trusted person stay with the chihuahuas.  This was a really long trip to dump Copley on our very busy friends and our regular house sitter was out of town.  That left me with the horrifying prospect of leaving the dogs in the hands of new people!  Now don't get me wrong, I really like and trust the friends we left the dogs with but not quite as much as the regular dog sitters, who also feed raw food, take obedience at the same place as us and who my dogs are very used to.  So like any rational person I left a book and a half of printed directions, signs on all the doors and directions everywhere.  Next long vacation we are taking the dogs with us.

Nothing to see here, I am totally sane

Now that I am back I am working on re-vamping the blog.  You may have noticed the website needs a big overhaul, we have had Nova four years and she still doesn't even have an about page.  I also plan to start vlogging a little bit, so that should be fun!  With all those changes coming in the near future I am thinking of changing platforms.  Do any of you have experience with that?  I am thinking I may move most operations over to an independently hosted website and just post simultaneously on blogger for a little while.  I do a lot of web marketing for my business now and it feels so clunky to go from that to this really clunky platform for Dog In The Desert.  Our new URL would come with us.  Would most of you guys still find our new posts either through our e-mail subscription, RSS feed or facebook?  Please let me know in the comments!

I've been sorting through pictures for the new website so I had to leave you with an old favorite.