Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chicken Jerkey Treats- FDA Warning

I just saw a news article about this today, but then I looked on the FDA website and they actually released a statement in November.
Here is the FDA statement from November
Here is a newer caution that basically says the same thing

They are cautioning people about feeding ANY chicken jerky or chicken treat from China.  There are no recalls because they can't tie the illness specifically to one brand or product because dogs are becoming ill after eating many different brands and products of chicken treats from China.

So be on the lookout.  Many imported chicken jerky treats are branded in a way that makes them look like a natural, organic, local product.  So be sure to check out the label on all of your jerky and jerky-like chicken treats.

It can never hurt to periodically check out this FDA website for a list of current recalls.  Even for someone like me who feeds home made raw my dogs are still given treats, chews and occasionally a pre-made meal when traveling or being boarded.

One final edit after publishing this post- If you have children, food allergies, a compromised immune system, or really if you eat any food at all you should probably check out this FDA website to make sure you are not eating any recalled food yourself.

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