Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness

Wee Thump is one of our favorite places to hang out.  First of all it has the biggest and coolest Joshua Trees in the world.  Second the trails are flat and fun to walk and there is rarely anyone there. 

My father in law came to visit and we all went for a little hike.  Southern Nevada is getting so beautiful right now.  The weather is PERFECT and we can't get enough of being outside.  Too bad I work in an industry that locks me in windowless rooms for the holiday season.*  I won't bore you with too much description because I am too busy to write anything right now, but lets pretend the pictures are so great they speak for themselves.  You should just be happy I managed to hobble together 10 minutes to write a blog post.

One final thought.  Wee Thump has a lot of cactus bits and spines on the ground.  I recommend paw protection if you have it.  Copley says "always be prepared"!


We love the gulpy!

*Don't worry- I don't work retail, so it is likely I will survive black Friday.  Also I work for myself so I have no one to complain to but me and my own calendar.

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