Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Look, I found a Deer in the backyard!

If you have a dog this color and want to do this costume next year it is really easy and really cheap and long as you have a patient subject!  It cost me about $6.

For the spots I used white finger paint.  Finger paint is non-toxic and washes out really easy because it is meant for toddlers who sometimes eat it.  Copley is a very calm dog anyway, so he stood pretty still for the painting.  While it was drying I gave him a bully stick to chew and had him sit in the sun.  His collar is an old collar I sewed felt leaves onto.  The leaves came off a thanksgiving centerpiece that got wet lest year and was ruined, I saved the leaves and there you go!

The finger paint came off in about 30 seconds in the tub.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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