Monday, October 29, 2012

Treat Swap!

This last week I did a treat swap hosted by Nola and Cole!

My swap partner was the super cool Kourtney of The Queens Kourt and her two pups Lucy and Rossi!  They sent us a really cool package from a local dog bakery.

 The treats were a big hit! 

 I love the Holloween themed ones-they are cut into fun shapes for the holiday.

 As you can see George the foster dog (still looking for a home- visit for more information) LOVES the treats.

And for the toy.  Oh boy is this one a hit.  It has a different kind of squeaker that claims to work even if punctured.  That may be true but the best part of this toy is that it is really easy to squeak.  No matter where Kerrigan's tiny little mouth grabs the thing it makes noise.  She hasn't stopped going nuts for it in days.

Want to see what I sent over to Kourt?  Check out
Also if you like this blog you may also want to stop by my doggie friend Nola's blog at, she is a lot of fun and eats a home-made diet just like we do!


  1. What a cool toy and yummy treats! Thanks for joining and thanks for the shout out!

  2. Yay! So glad they enjoyed everything! Kerrigan is too cute with the toy! It's just the right size! Thanks for our goodies, we loved them!!