Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Adoption Day Kerrigan!!

This picture = Kerrigan Exactly
Happy Adoption Day!!!!  One year ago yesterday we brought Kerri home from the shelter.  I can't believe it has been a whole year with this little gal!  Lets recap the highlights of this year-
What a year right?!?!  To celebrate I threw a party!  We had pizza and cupcakes and plenty of human friends over.  Here are some pictures- mostly of food because lets face it- food is easier to photograph than excited dogs.
 My new obsession is fondant so I rolled some out and cut out bones and hearts to decorate the cupcakes with.
 The cupcakes all decorated!
 Close up of the cupcakes!  I almost got dog cupcakes but the bakery is so far away and I figured these vanilla cupcakes are probably equally as bad for the dogs so I gave them each a little bit of vanilla cake without frosting.
 These were Kerris gift.  You can see how much she loves that little dinosaur in the first picture.  It is the green blur in her mouth.
 Mmmmmm, pizza.
 The whole spread.
 The dogs wait patiently to get a chance at their pizza.  (I don't feed my dogs pizza every day but it was a special occasion and since I made it from scratch I knew there was nothing tooo bad in it, just a little fattening.)
 This was about 2 seconds after they were released.  Notice Kerri is GONE, Copley has decided chewing is for loosers and George bumbles on oblivious to his surroundings as usual.

PS- Yes, foster dog George still lives here!  If you live in the Las Vegas area and want to adopt this adorable goofball visit for more information.  He deserves a great forever home.

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