Monday, October 8, 2012

Update on Bean

Remember this little lady?  She recently went to the vet for a bit of a tumor on her leg/side.  Well I am happy to say things seem to be going well for her.  The vet said it feels like a benign mammary tumor like the rats get all the time.  With Bean being 2 years old, and her not seeming bothered by the little lump, we decided to just leave it in place.  Over the last week it does not seem to have grown at all and we are crossing our fingers that it stays that way.  If it does grow we will have it taken off but the surgery is risky for a small elderly mouse like her.  In the meanwhile Bean is still happily running on the wheel, eating and chasing her sister around the cage.  Lets hope it stays that way.

In happier news- we got an agility jump for the house.

Kerri is so excited.


  1. Glad she's doing well! Where did you get your agility jump?
    Nola's MOm

    1. Well someone at agility class said- "hey- if I get together a bunch of people to all buy jumps we can get a really good deal on them" and then I said "how much" and their reply was less than half of what I had priced out online with shipping so I said yes. Today she brought them to class on her truck and I gave her a check. So I guess I don't really know- but the brand is "ready jump."