Friday, October 5, 2012

Bark Box Review Month Two

I wasn't going to review Bark Box every month but a few people have asked me about this month so I decided I would give it a little attention.  If you have not heard of Bark Box before take a look at my last post so you can see what it is all about.

If you want to subscribe you can use this link for a $5 discount on your first order.

Overall this month was great- Barkbox seems to be a good value still and I am enjoying finding new stuff.  So far I have bought more of 3 items I have received in the box because I like them so much.  Just for the "finding new things" factor barkbox is worth it for me.  On top of that I think I am actually saving money in the long run because the fact that the barkbox is coming stops me from buying any dog toys during the month when I am out and about.  So there you go- another bonus is that it can help to curb your bad buying habits by giving you something new to look forward to instead of trying to satiate your need through retail therapy.

Copley enjoying a Bully Stick
I will get right down to the review and talk about what I got in this months box in order of most looked to least liked. 
  • Barkworthies Bully Stick.  This has to be our favorite because Copley LOVES his bully sticks.  I don't think I really have to tell you how many of them we go through around here and I will never turn away a USA made bully stick.  I do have to admit that bully sticks are the one thing I buy made with South American beef.  I just can't find them made with US beef AND processed in the US.  I can find US beef processed in Mexico and South American grassfed beef processed in the US.  I have chosen South American grassfed beef processed in the US as the safer option for us.  This bully stick was one of those types.
  • Whole Life Pet Organic Freeze Dried Sweet Potato.  We got a whole bag of those and a little sample of their chicken.  These are great- Kerrigan loves them and she is not the type to eat just anything.  Unfortunately Copley is allergic to sweet potato so he can not partake.  The good news for him is that I checked out Whole Life Pet, loved them, and already ordered and received some of their Organic Freeze Dried Chicken and Copley does love that.  The hermit crabs love the chicken too.
  • coupon for $10 off your first order.  There was no minimum purchase on this and the fine print was minimal so it really was nice.  I already used it to buy a bag of Whole Live Organic Chicken treats that I just talked about.
  • Zukes Z-bones.  Copley is allergic to these dental bones so I don't buy them for the dogs.  I DO get the tiny ones for the rats.  They have a good time with me tying them up in hard to get places or putting them in bird shredder boxes so they have to work really hard to get them.  I like zukes as a company and use lots of their products.  I did let Kerri eat this one but she had to sit in my lap with it so there was no chance Copley could get it.  She LOVED it but I have to admit the smell was a little strong for her to chew it in my lap.  On the up side I did get this adorable picture you saw last week while she was eating it.
The bottle should not stick out like that
  • Zigoo Pets Crinket Toy.  I don't think I am using this correctly.  It is a toy you are supposed to put a water bottle into so your dog can play with it without destroying the bottle right away.  I was excited because my dogs love empty water bottles but I can't find a bottle that fits in it and just got frustrated.  As you can see I did manage to shove a too big bottle in it and the dogs mildly enjoy it.  I can see how a bigger dog would LOVE their bigger model and how it would be easier to find a bottle to fit in that one.  Personally I think they should ship it with a recycled bottle already in it to save people the aggravation.  This toy got an ehhh from us.  Also I saw what they are trying to sell them for and I would never pay that.  You win some you loose some I guess.  Other reviewers are talking about this toy like it is the best thing since sliced bread so maybe it is just my inability to see how to work it.
  • Also we got a single wet wipe sample from LA fresh- it was just one so not enough to either add value or for me to really review.
Lastly I was not paid for this review but I DO receive a free barkbox for everyone who subscribes using my $5 off link.

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  1. Yay! I just signed up for it because I was so excited about it! Then I started having buyers remorse because I did NO research whatsoever to see if it was a legit website. Glad to know it is!!!