Friday, January 13, 2012

New Blog Design

I know I just posted (you should check it out), but I forgot to mention that I got a great new blog design by The Cutest Blog On the Block.  I LOVE IT.  They really did a great job!

I also want to warn everyone not to google "dog orthopedic issues" in the time between when your dog starts limping and when you go to the vet.  There are some scary things that could be wrong with him- so lets all try to hope for the best.  At least we have both insurance and some money in savings or I would really be panicking here.


  1. Hope everything is all good at the vet and nothing too serious. :-)

  2. I just saw this comment. Thanks for the good wishes! We are hoping it is just a knee injury but time will tell. I have updated the blog a few times about whats going on.