Sunday, October 23, 2011

Introducing Kerrigan!

The puppy finally has a name!  It is Kerrigan or Kerri for short.

Settling on a name proved harder than it was for Copley.  With Copley we were still incredibly homesick for the east coast.  We named the little guy after a subway station that we both went through almost every day while living in Boston.  It has a nice ring to it, people out here have no idea how to say it and everyone back in Boston thought it was just perfect!

With this puppy it has been much harder.  We went through several names and didn't like any of them.  On Wednesday we settled on Flora because my husband likes plants a lot and frankly we were tired of coming up with other names.  I even got a name tag engraved that said Flora.  All along I knew it was not that great.  For starters I just could not imagine yelling "Flora" out on an agility course and on top of that no one would ever get the plant connection because Flora is also a normal woman's name.

Luckily last night after observing that we only really called her puppy and were totally ignoring Flora a friend of ours suggested a great idea for a name.  Kerrigan.  It is the name of a character in a video game both of us play.  The petite but feisty lady is turning out to really live up to her namesake, so long as she avoids being mind controlled my an alien race everything should turn out just great!

Unfortunately for some reason I seem to be taking a lot of shit for this name.  Kerri seems like a perfect name to me, short, sharp and easy for her to learn, plus it is cute and has a connection to something both of us like to do.  So what I named my dog after a video game character?  My other dog is named after a SUBWAY STATION and no one seems to think that is so strange.


  1. I think Kerrigan is a wonderful name! ...and you have got to love those ears!!!

  2. Add me to the list of fans of her name! It's unusual but feminine and when shortened to Kerri is perfect for agility club (I always shorten my dog and cat's names which drives me husband nuts haha).