Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am going to own a Chihuahua- WHAT?!?!

Or maybe this post should be titled- "It turns out I already own a chihuahua, and now we are getting another one- WHAT?!?!?"

I should start by saying that when we first got Copley me and Mr. DogInTheDesert had very different ideas about dogs.  At 22lbs Copley was the absolute smallest dog I was willing to adopt and the biggest dog my spouse was willing to adopt.  Copley was listed as a pug/beagle mix and I thought that was pretty cool.  Beagles are great dogs, laid back but still have that rugged outdoor-ness of a hunting dog.  Pugs are just adorable so it seemed all good.  It turned out that he was the best dog we could have hoped to adopt.  What can I really say about him?  He is just the most rockin dog ever known to man (I might be biased).

Knowing that one day we would want to adopt another dog I decided it would be good to volunteer us to work with large breed dogs of some sort.  I found an organization that specialized in bully breeds.  "Perfect" I thought "My spouse will learn how lovable these big dogs are, pit bulls are perfect because they are really just loveable goof balls, and through one of the most misunderstood breeds out there he will learn that big dogs are the best!"

It was a good thought.  He did learn to love the pits, how could you not?  We walk them and go to adoption events and have become all around pit bull advocates.

Unfortunately this rescue led us down a path I never expected.  Our city shelters are mostly filled with two kinds of dogs- pits and chihuahuas.  Chihuahuas were difficult to avoid in the rescue community and Mr. DogInTheDesert loves them.  I have to admit, they are the perfect dog for him.  They like to cuddle and sit on his lap while they play computer games, he can carry them around with him and they are just plain cute.  After careful consideration (and finding ways to over come the fact that we are outdoorsy people and a chihuahua is really just hawk bait) I have finally come to terms with owning one.  Our plan is to start looking in a few weeks.  More on that later.

As a sort of icing on the chihuahua cake we got Copley's DNA test back.  50% Chihuahua.  Turns out I owned one all along and didn't even know it.  As someone who always imagined owning a rottweiler or a husky or a shepherd it is taking some getting used to the fact that I soon will own one and a half chihuahuas.

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  1. Chihuahuas ARE big a convenient small package LOL Love your comments about how Mr DogInTheDesert adores own husband is resigned to my getting one (or three eventually!)in the coming months and I'm sure as soon as our wee girl or boy arrives home it won't be long before Neil is completely under their paw!