Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays!

 Happy Non-Denominational Holiday Gift Giving Season!  Whatever you celebrate this time of year I hope you are doing great.  Things have been very busy around here- you know new dog and all- so this will be quick.  I wanted to share our holiday decorations and how we get the dogs in on the action.  I am sure I will be posting a picture of all of our dogs gifts, they are looking to be plentiful this year and I didn't even buy many of them.
 Stockings- right to left- Ben, Annie, Copley, Kerrigan, Nova
 Holiday biscuit holders!
 Kerrigan's paw print and the "Family Rodents 2011, Nick, Bean, Tubbs and Sandy"
 Copley's Paw Print
And our holiday BarkBox!

Thank you all for reading this blog and encouraging me to continue blogging through this year.  I have plans to share with you Nova's progress day by day and I have been writing it down but time to edit and publish it is not here right now.  In the meanwhile enjoy Christmas!  We sure are.

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