Thursday, December 6, 2012

When To Adopt?

Copley 2.5 years ago on day 1 with us

I have a lot of posts in the works (one guest post even- how fancy of us) but I just wanted to throw this out there.  Is there EVER a good time to adopt a dog.  Even if you were on a breeders waiting list forever isn't a puppy just always going to be a giant pain in your side for a while?  You either have lots of work, or you need to clean, or you wish you had an extra 20 grand to put that "dog room" addition on the house or whatever.  What about rescues?  Do dogs ever fall into your life when it is just the best time ever to get one?  I don't think so. Sometimes I think you just have to take the plunge because you can always think of an excuse not to do it.

On very special occasions I think an animal ends up in your life because you were the only person meant to have them.  I don't believe in a singular higher power- but I do think that things happen for reasons that are beyond us sometimes.  Oddly enough I only have ever felt this way about one of our animals, her name was Patches. 

Baby Patches
Patches is a story for another day.  What do you guys think?  When a dog comes along that just calls your name do you take the plunge (sorta like we did with Kerri)?  Or is that all made up gobbly gook and things should be better planned out.  Did your dogs all come at good times?  Or were you a little bit overwhelmed and second guessed you decision all the way home from the pound?

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