Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to say Happy New Year everyone!  We have been very busy this week but did manage to get away on a hike, you really gotta love the weather in Southern Nevada, hiking in December in a t-shirt.

In other great news today I got everyone food and little Nova ran right into her pen and waited eagerly for me to drop her bowl.  I couldn't believe it!  Up until now food time has been either me trapping her in the pen without her suspecting or me crating all the other dogs, then putting her food down and hiding until she went into her pen.  Then I would sneak over and shut the door while she wasn't looking so she didn't drag chicken all over the house.  Today she literally ran into her pen and sat wagging her tail waiting for food!!!!!  Small victory I know, but I am excited anyway.  This means she knew that being confined in there was a good thing, knew that waiting patiently would get her the food and was comfortable enough to sit there while I walked directly towards her and put it down.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

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