Monday, December 10, 2012

Guest Blogger- Mosby

Mosby is the dog, not the blogger.

I have been thinking a lot lately about why we adopt our dogs when we do and how we pick them out.  Most dog bloggers are seasoned dog people who have been rescuing or breeding or competing for some time and know their dogs very well.  What were you thinking when you got your first dog though?  How did you pick them out?  I think about Copley, picking him out of a row of kennels.  It was such an arbitrary thing that ended in us having one of our best buddies living here!  When some of our good friends Kayla and Lee decided to adopt a dog I knew I had to get them to write a blog post for me.  Here it is-

Lee and I have both wanted a dog for many years and when we moved to Las Vegas early last year, we decided to find one as soon as possible. That took a bit longer than expected. Knowing that we both wanted a larger dog, our first two apartments were just too small and unable to provide the kind of life we wanted to give our dog. We thought the end was in sight once we finally bought a house and had the space necessary to raise a dog...but alas, work got in the way as we entered a crazy installation period for our show. Finally, on November 16th, Lee and I decided we couldn't wait
another day longer (in fact we had to wait two more days) and went out that day to find the dog that would join our family. After consulting friends (Annie) and Google-ing our shelter options, we decided to check out the LIED Shelter.

I had anticipated the excitement I would feel as we started down the first corridor of dogs but was completely blindsided by how emotional I got seeing all those dogs stuck in kennels. I was in tears by the time we got out of that first corridor. I knew we would only be saving one dog that day and couldn't help but wonder about the future of the rest. Almost every dog we saw got excited as we approached and tried their hardest to touch, lick, and play with us through the glass. It just broke my heart to know that some of these trusting and loving creatures had been abandoned and may never get a home.

We finally made it through every corridor of dogs and had narrowed it down to the three dogs we felt we had connected with the most. The first one we went back to was a young female pit bull who was adorable and seemed like she would be playful and friendly. She was definitely a possibility, but we wanted to revisit the other two before we made our choice. We got no further than the second dog, named "Sarge" at the time. When we got to his kennel, we didn't see him at first and made some noise to see if he was just outside. Sure enough, he came bounding back inside to greet us. "Sarge" was stopped short, however, when we realized he somehow managed to get his paw tangled up in a leash. He went back and forth between trying to get to us and trying to release his paw, all the while smiling and wagging his tail. We knew at that moment that he was the dog for us. We found a shelter attendant and got her to take him out for us. Although it was hard to keep is attention as he was so excited to just be out of that box and in fresh air, we could tell that he was well-mannered and playful. Soon after that, Lee and I signed the adoption papers and told "Sarge" we'd see him in two days to take him home.

The next day we went around and gathered the necessary "new dog" supplies: bed, food, toys, treats, kennel, more toys, etc. We just couldn't wait to bring him home. When we picked him up Thursday morning, he had on his "cone of shame" from being neutered the day before. "Sarge" was just as adorable as we remembered, especially since his cone severely effected his spatial sense and he was running into everything. The constant sound of the cone scraping and hitting everything around him was both annoying and hysterical as he was investigating the house and yard later that day. After much deliberation and settling on "Porter" for a day, we finally gave him the name we had picked out for our first dog months ago...Mosby.

Two weeks later, as I sit here typing this and Mosby is trying to get in my lap and get all of my attention, Lee and I couldn't be happier that we found this dog. He is smart, playful, loving, and together we are working on obedience and patience...on both sides. We will be having our third session at Smarty Paws this week which has already taught us so much about training a dog. Mosby's obedience and attentiveness improves everyday and soon we hope to start him on a raw food diet. All in all, Lee and I couldn't have asked for a better dog and we are so happy that Mosby has joined our


Thanks Kayla!  Mosby is a very luck dog!

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