Friday, February 7, 2014

St. Thomas

The abandoned town in Lake Mead National Recreation AreaNot the US Virgin Island.  It is a pretty cool place, the government kicked everyone out so they could flood it when Lake Mead was made.  In the late 90's when Lake Mead's water level began to drop this area of the lake dried up and now you can visit what is left of the ghost town there.  Honestly ghost towns are not really my thing, but it was a nice walk and a friend took a bunch of pictures that turned out great so I will share them with you all.  Unlike other ghost towns it is covered with clam shells from when it was underwater.

Also it appeared to smell REALLY GOOD there.  Kerri was constantly trying to dig little holes and sniff the ground.

This engine block was obviously used to anchor a buoy when there was  water covering the place.

Kerri was doing tricks for pirate booty for a friend that came with us.  Usually she is not crazy about cheese puffs, but that day she was going crazy for them.

Kerri sniffing the air.  Lots to sniff at this place I noticed.

A shot of a little river at the end of the hike.

More sniffing.

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