Saturday, May 18, 2013

Three is the Perfect Number (For Us)

Right after we got Nova a friend of mine told me three was the magic number of dogs.  At that time I thought three might be a little bit too much for me.  (Actually lets get honest here- this friend has 9 dogs and I thought she was a bit crazy and was freaking out about 3 thinking it would be so many dogs that my life would be ruined).  It turns out she was right.

Last Monday me and Kerri went to agility class and Nova and Copley hung out with each other.  Then on Thursday we went for a drive and took Copley.  We were gone for almost the whole day but I had peace of mind knowing that Nova and Kerri were hanging out, able to play with each other and have fun while we were all gone.

So despite my worries it has turned out that having three dogs is a lot more like having one, and I like that.  I get more one on one time with each of the three than I ever had with Copley and Kerri by themselves.  I can take off with just one dog guilt free, or put two of them away to train one without hearing whining and scratching from a lonely dog.  Also with two chis and Copley I still have less than thirty pounds of dog in the house- so I am sure that helps too.  I am not sure that if I had three mastiffs I would be singing the same tune here.

Nova may not have been a planned adoption, but she has been a welcome one in many ways, and I am starting to really think three is the perfect number.


  1. Three does sound just right!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. I had two jack russells and a whippet in the 80's and yes, they WERE the perfect number as, like you say, if you want to take one to training club or wherever you don't feel guilty at leaving the other two at home as they have each other. I'm planning on a couple of Chihuahuas in the coming months and I'm sure Number 3 will be joining us within a year!