Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Live Long and Prosper Little Mice

I'm in a Star Trek mood, what can I say?

Unfortunately I have some sad news to report.  For the first time in three years we are mouse-less.  Our last little mecer (a Siamese girl named Nick) took her final trip to the vet this morning.  Nick was a great mouse.  We got her and her sister Bean from the NSPCA so they could be friends for a lonely mouse named Squeaks who we adopted from Henderson Animal Care and Control's Shelter.

That's squeaks ^

We don't know how old Squeaks was when we got her, but she lived for 8 happy months at our house.  Nick's sister bean unfortunately got cancer a few months ago and had to be put down.  Since our mice live FOREVER for some reason (normal life span for mice is 1.5 years reportedly) little Nick kept trucking for a long time.  Finally today at the age of almost two and a half she had a large tumor that was effecting her life, so we put her down.

 Nick ^
Bean ^ (She looks like a coffee bean, get it?)

I like our little rodents.  They are in the living room- and while not the most interactive pets they were always up to something.  I would pick them up big bird toys they used as jungle gyms and pulled all apart.  Between that and the constant efforts of two mice to run on the wheel at the same time I got hours of enjoyment from them.  Sadly right now we have a lot going on, plus our two boy rats to keep my rodent fix going so it may be a while before we have such tiny critters running around the house again.  The mouse stuff is getting cleaned up and packed away for now.

I am not all sad though.  As far as mice go ours have lived long and prosperous lives with us, and I am happy to help the homeless mice of Las Vegas in any way I can.


  1. So sorry to read about your mice. As you say at least you have the rats for your rodent fix. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Mice and ratties are adorable little creatures and I'm sorry to hear about Nick's passing. She had a wonderful life with you! It is so nice to hear how you adopt your rodents from the shelter. Thanks for coming by my blog--sounds like we do have a lot in common.