Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nova's Clicker Training Progress

I am beginning to think that no one believes me when I say I have been clicker training Nova.  This is perhaps because she won't even begin to perform when anything out of the ordinary is going on or when anyone else (including Ben) is home.  She needs it to be calm, just us, no kids playing outside and no traffic in the street.  She also does better when talk radio is playing and when she is full.  So for anyone else to witness this miracle (and for Nova it truly is a miracle) I needed to film it.  Oh, I had to hide the camera too- she hates the camera!

So without further delay here is Nova performing for you "sit," "down," "touch," and "high five."  Sit is going well, down she is very good at so I am only clicking for all four elbows/knees down and a moment of stillness, touch we are moving from a lick of the hand to an actual nose touch, and high five- well that one is pretty easy- any paw to palm action gets a click there.

Then of course at the end she got a bit of dehydrated beef something for a job well done.  I have been trying to reinforce the end of training because it was getting a little stressful for her having me get up and move around a lot (something she does not like) and I want this to stay fun, fun, fun.

(If you would rather watch on youtube click here)

Also excuse the radio in the background- for some reason Nova does better with a little SiriusXM Left playing.  What can I say?  I guess she is a democrat like the rest of the family.


  1. Aw, good job! She is so tiny! I thought Nola was small, but Nova makes her look like a tank, LOL.
    Nola's Mom

    1. I know right! She is just a slight of a thing, depending on the scale she weighs either 6lbs or just under.

  2. Awesome! You have worked really hard with her.Keep up the good work. She will only get better with time.

    Donna from Smartypaws