Saturday, March 16, 2013

To-Go Pet Towel Review

Modeling the towel for size

It is tiring being a model

Remember when I reviewed Poochie Bells?  Well the great people over at PoochiePets also sent me a To-Go Pet Towel to review.  Here is what PoochiePets has to say about it-

The reusable, disposable to-go Pet Towel is a 100% biodegradable drying sheet for your
pet.  It offers drying without dirtying bath towels.  Soft, compact in size, yet absorbent and
trouble-free to store and use.  Great for foul weather, after swim or bath.  Wring out, hang
dry and reuse again and again!  Each towel measures 17"x 31.5", great for all breeds.

Short story - LOVED IT.  Going to buy more.

"Help me"

Long story- Honestly I wanted to use it twice before I reviewed it because as you know I like to be thorough and only recommend the best products to you guys.  After all I am in this blogging thing to help other dog owners not to blindly say I love any free product I get.  Well I washed the dogs once- then...  You see I don't wash my dogs very often.  Under normal circumstances I do it every 6 months.  My dogs just don't get stinky!  Dirt gets on them and it just seems to fall right off.  Since we ditched kibble all dog odor left them and the only reason I have for washing is getting out excess hair.  It has been cold and I decided it just was time to publish this post even without a second bath.

What have I ever done to you?

"But Annie- don't your dogs ever get muddy, or go out in the rain, or jump in the lake?"  I live in the desert so no.  I think it rained once a few months ago, don't really remember, but puddles didn't stick around.

Is it over?

For those occasions when my dogs DO get wet I really liked this towel.  It was very absorbent, and after I washed one dog I just wrung it out and used it to dry the next one.  It is meant to be re-usable several times but also disposable and I like that for traveling.  It is the kind of thing I can use over and over but if it gets gross I won't feel bad tossing it.  It was a nice size for drying everyone, and it would even be good for a bigger dog.  The best part, particularly for traveling, is that it dried very, very fast.  What more is there really to say about a towel?  I am going to but a pack of these towels to keep in my camping stuff and a few singles for the car.

I have loved every product I have gotten from PoochiePets so far and can recommend them totally!  I also hope you enjoyed the hilarious bath-time pictures.

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