Monday, April 1, 2013

Nova Played With Me!!!!

Stop the presses, be still my heart, party like there is no tomorrow and every other celebratory cliche out there!  For a few days Nova has been bringing me toys and play bowing.  I know that was a small step in a big direction for her.  I would reach down to grab the toy just like I do with Kerri and as soon as I moved she would bolt.  Well today I gave the dogs this bone.  It has a squeaker but it is really quiet so Nova likes it.  She brought it over to me wagging her body and play bowing.  I went down to grab it and she just playfully hopped back.  As I grabbed it she pounced on my hand and made on of those adorable chihuahua playing noises.  I reached up and tussled the side of her muzzle then pulled my hand back and she pounced on me again.  Then I grabbed the toy and threw it.  Nova ran after it then the neighbor opened his garage door and she ran into the other room.

That people is why I rescue dogs.  They give back to you just when you need it the most.  You may have noticed my absence from this blog lately.  It is because our human family has experienced some hard times.  Since the middle of the month I have been in Florida for the passing of my amazing Grandmother.  I have not been the same since I came back a few days ago and I know the dogs can tell.  Maybe Nova could see that just like her my world also was flipped upside down and I needed a little something to warm my heart.  More likely it was just something that had been coming and today was just the day.  No matter what the reason I am so happy about it.  This means there IS a real dog in that little body.  Every day she keeps making these little improvements and they just give me so much hope.

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