Monday, April 23, 2012

Its Getting HOT Out

I hate to say it, but summer seems to have sprung upon Las Vegas a little early this year.  For the last three days it has hit 98 degrees and stayed there most of the afternoon.  This being my 4th Vegas summer I know what we are in for but I was not quite prepared for it to happen this early!  Kerrigan was not prepared for it to happen at all.

Saturday we went to Pet-a-Palooza (I would link you to the event site but they seem to have ripped it down nice and fast here).  It was an OK time, we got to visit with some of our animal rescue friends and our training place was there but boy was it hot.  It was even a little too hot to enjoy and we only stayed for about an hour.  Copley stayed at home because he is only a few days into his antibiotics and I hear it can make dogs sensitive to the sun.

I only took a few pictures-
Hiding from the sun while we enjoy some lemonade

Hot.  Look at that cure little tongue panting!
I am beginning to question the wisdom of getting a black dog.  She gets hot so easily poor little thing.  To help beat the heat I have pulled out some of my favorite summertime treats for the dogs.  I made goat stock ice cubes, froze some kongs with yogurt in them and bought a kiddy pool for splashing in the yard.

We also are happy to enjoy some good ole air-conditioned indoor fun, like chewing on bully sticks!

I am in the process of teaching Copley to go to and stay on that pink blanket so I have a more portable option than the crate for when I need him to stay put somewhere.  Right now he only gets his bully stick on that blanket and he has to stay on that blanket to keep it.  Things seem to be going well in that department.

You may notice the new snazzy collars they are wearing too.  I am going to make a post about it once Kerri's final tag gets here.  They are really cool collars and really cool tags, I can't wait to get everything in!

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