Friday, May 4, 2012

New Tags!

Kerri's collar was getting a little tight now that she has finally filled out to her adult weight and I was getting a little bored with Copley's collars.  I went searching on Etsy for some cool hand made things.  The tags you get out of those tag making machines are both boring and way too big for my 5.8 lb chihuahua.  I also wanted to use the excuse to get some cool stuff for Copley.  Since I am new to buying collars on Etsy I ordered from four different stores to see what I would like.  The tag I got for Copley was ok, and both collars were pretty cool but Kerri's tag was AMAZING!

This AMAZING tag came from Melissa of DoggoneTags.  She worked with me to make a tiny version of her Super Pooch tag that would fit Kerri.  She even squeezed a phone number on the back of that little thing!  I love her tag for several reasons.  First it is really cute and fits with the sci-fi/nerdy theme Kerri has going (after all she is named after a video game character).  Second it is small enough to to look good on her and not overwhelm all of our photos.  Third- I love that the phone number is actually pounded into the metal of the tag.  It can't scrape off like a cheap engraving or chip off like something that is painted on.  Finally I love that it is really light and not too thick, but it is very sturdy.  We have been running around with it on her collar for a week now and it looks like the day we got it.  Unlike most things we buy I anticipate it lasting for a very long time.  Now I am trying to decide what to order next.  Copley would love a tag too and Kerri might need one of her collar charms with the clovers on them in celebration of our Irish heritage.

This tag was so cool I thought it needed its very own post.  I am also proud of myself for picking such a quality shop using only a search bar and reading reviews.  Usually my luck in random ordering from new stores is pretty bad, but not this time!  You should all check out DoggoneTags over on Etsy too, there are tons of different tags to choose from.

P.S- Family and friends looking to buy a gift for Copley's 2 year adoption day party should take note of this post.  You know our phone numbers- or she has gift certificates!

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