Sunday, April 8, 2012

Copley's got a Chiropractor

First of all HAPPY EASTER!  We celebrated the holiday by enjoying yummy treats (dog and human) from our amazing neighbors and ordering rabbit meat for the dogs.  What is more fitting of the season than nom nom nomming on humanely slaughtered, pastured bunny rabbits?  Well... probably lot of things.  I try not to think too much about the fact that they will be eating rabbits but the fact is dogs need to eat meat and these rabbits were much more humanely raised than the poor supermarket chicken they are eating for dinner tonight.  If I find humanely raised meat from a small farm for a good price I am really inclined to buy it no matter what it is.

In other news Copley has been seeing a chiropractor.  Did you even know animal chiropractors existed?  I didn't until I saw a brochure for one and did a little research.  They even have a national certifying agency The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.  Copley has been adjusted twice and it really seems to be making a difference.  You may remember the injury he had back in January.  The month of total rest and 6-8 weeks of slowly going back to normal activity seems to have done the trick for the leg but I still felt like he was not 100%.  When I saw the flyer for the chiropractor I thought it might be just what he needs to make that final recovery.  After just two sessions with the chiropractor Copley is playing more with his sister, more enthusiastic on walks and even the waddle in his gait is improving a little bit.  The improvement was not overnight, nor was it like a shocking change in behavior, but I do see it making a difference with the little things.  He is never going to have the perfect posture or gait because his genetics are working against him but some improvement in that area hopefully will help hold off injury and arthritis as long as we can.

One thing I have noticed is for the first time ever Copley is laying straight on his own.  He will lay straight when we are doing rally or I ask him too, but when he just plops down he ALWAYS tucks his right leg under him.  Lately I have noticed he is using his muscles to lay down instead of just plopping down on his hip.  I looked through pictures and could not find ONE of him laying straight like this until this week.

I was so happy to catch him laying like this with my camera nearby that I let him break the rules (paws in the kitchen) so I could take the picture.  He has been laying like this for a few days but I keep the camera by the treat jar so every time I went to get it he got up.

I am curious if any of you have seen a chiropractor for your dog?  Did you notice results?  Most of the people I have talked to who use one are doing it to keep their performance dogs in shape but I would be curious what your experiences were for other uses.  Our primary vet was supportive (make sure your chiropractor consults with your vet before you begin any treatment) but I am curious what other vets have have to say about this "alternative" treatment.


  1. Happy Easter! I've never taken Nola to a doggie chiropractor (knock on wood it's never been necessary.) but I know it can be incredibly helpful for Dachshunds in the months recovering from a back/neck injury
    Dachshund Nola's Mommy

  2. Wonderful idea!! I didn't know they had doggie chiropractors either but I think it's great! Glad it is helping!