Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Toys! And Beds!

Lets start with the beds.  Our crate pad situation was getting a little sad around here.  Kerrigan still had the cheap crate pad we bought in a pinch the day we adopted her.  Copley had a crate pad made out of recycled bottles but it was very lumpy and didn't look so great.  With Copley still on his slow return to normal activity after a possible knee injury he spends a lot more time than he used to.  Getting him a memory foam mattress seemed like a good idea.  It would support his joints and hopefully hold heat a little better in the winter.  Unhappy that I couldn't get anything locally that I liked I turned to online shopping.  Copley got a new crate, orthopedic crate bed and crate cover.  Kerrigan is staying in her airline type crate for the time being but she got a nicer crate bed.

As you can see Kerri likes Copley's crate too :)  Overall I am happy with what I got but I still wish someone would make a high quality crate pad/bumper/cover set.  This stuff is good for what I need but I would gladly pay more for slightly higher quality stuff that was not made in China.  Maybe I need to start a business here...

On the toy front I got this thing called a Tug a Jug.  Copley had one before but got bored with it before he ever got anything out of it!  Then one day it broke (human error) and I just never replaced it.  Well I saw them on sale so I got one for Copley and one for Kerri thinking Kerri would love it.  In a strange turn of events Copley loves it now and has figured it out a lot better.  He can get every last treat out of it this time.  No idea what changed but I am glad I gave it a second try.  The jug is a good toy for Kerri too, but being a little less food motivated she tends to get out a few treats then go look out the window... then get another treat... then sniff around... then discover Copley got all her treats while she was distracted.

[Insert cute videos here]  Seriously though blogger hates me.  I have been trying for days to get these videos to upload.  You will have to settle for pictures until I have time to make a youtube account and hope they upload easier there.  The videos are really cute and show how Copley has mastered the perfect technique for removing treats from the tug a jug.

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