Saturday, January 18, 2014

Camping Weekend!

Last weekend we went camping at the beautiful Valley of Fire State Park!  It was us people, Copley, Kerrigan and another couple.  In fact they are Nova's favorite people, you have met them before.  Nova stayed home because she is not quite able to camp yet (perhaps an understatement).

The campsite was great, between two big rocks, complete with it's own mini cave to hang out in.

The weather was much better than I thought it would be!  I had under layers and coats packed for us and the dogs but even with a reported low of 41F, we never needed more than sweaters.  In fact for all our hiking during the day it was pretty warm!

At the campsite that night we encountered a little mouse that was NOT afraid of people.  It really upset Copley to have a mouse that kept runnig at him, and even after attempting to scare it with a rock, kicking sand, making noise and eventually letting Copley go after him, he still came back looking for food.  Just one of many reasons why we typically camp on BLM land in the wilderness where there are no people around and not regular enough campers to make rodents see us as food sources!  I must admit running water and flushing toilets at this camp site were a nice change of pace though.

My only complaint is we didn't see any bighorn sheep, Valley of Fire is usually full of them.  It was still a fun trip though.  Have a great weekend everybody!

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