Friday, February 10, 2012

Less Dogs More Sheep- Zoo Edition

I spent two years living out here hoping that I would catch a glimpse of a bighorn sheep.  Finally a month ago I started seeing lots of them everywhere.  This weekend was no exception.

Sheep hanging out in the zoo

Sheep hanging out in the carousel

This weekend we took a dog-free trip to visit family and stopped by The Living Desert in Palm Desert, CA.  The living desert is a great place to visit and has a little something for everyone.  In fact the first time I went there was before I married Ben (Mr.DogInTheDesert).  He has been coming to the Living Desert for a long time so he took me directly to the things that interested him most- the cacti gardens.  I actually thought it was a desert botanical garden with lots of cacti, some birds and hiking trails.  It was not until this trip that I learned it was actually a zoo that also happened to have lots of cacti and hiking trails.

I thought that last paragraph would paint a picture of how quirky my husband is but upon further reading it mostly just shows how oblivious I am to my surroundings.

Moving on...

While the dogs were hanging out in boarding back here we got to spend some times with their wild cousins.  I hoped to get lots of good shots and talk a bit about the similarities and differences between my dogs and wild dog-type animals.  Unfortunately by the time we got to the wolves and foxes it was the hot, sunny middle of the day.  Until I visit another zoo in Miami next month you will have to settle on pictures of dogs doing what dogs do best at high noon.  Sitting in the shade panting.

African Wild Dog

Mexican Wolf
All coyotes and foxes were hiding :(.

I was so glad to see OUR dogs when we got back to Vegas.  Copley likewise was happy to see us!  He showed his appreciation for our love by immediately running from the door to a patch of sun and staying there without even looking at us.  What a love bug we have.

"I wagged my tail when you picked me up from boarding, what more do you want?"

Kerrigan on the other hand was a little more excited to be home.

How did this picture even happen?

Bonus shot of me petting a goat:
Happy weekend everybody!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time, and what a crazy picture!
    Dachshund Nola

  2. That photo is fantastic. It perfectly captures the excitement! :)