Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm a PUPPY!!!!

Kerrigan has been doing so well lately that sometimes I forget she is still a puppy.  She has not peed in the house in several months, her teething seems to have subsided and her attention span grows longer by the day.  Sometimes I am reminded that she is still a puppy and it is going to show from time to time.  This past Thursday was one of those times.

It all started when our dryer broke.  Then the next morning a sprinkler pipe broke flooding the neighborhood and to top it all off that morning our dishwasher wouldn't drain.  While Ben was trying to deal with one of the water issues he turned the shutoff valve for the house and it broke!  I think you get the picture- the house was falling apart.

Repair people were here from when we got back from obedience class at 12:30 to about 5pm.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day so I spent a lot of the morning hanging out with the dogs outside.  Kerrigan whined and whined and whined.  She got pissed when I went inside to do anything, she got pissed when I stood on the other side of the fence to talk to a neighbor, she was intermittently pissed because she could not go inside and play with the repair people or lick the dirty dish water off the kitchen floor.  She calmed down (mostly) when I told her to be quiet but it was one of those days when you know your dog is just reinforcing the stereotype of a yappy chihuahua.  On the other hand I am happy to report Copley thoroughly enjoyed his time outside.  He was able to partake in many of his favorite activities- laying in the dirt sunning himself, chewing a bully stick and ridding the yard of stray pigeons.

Finally it was getting a little chilly so I put the dogs upstairs on the other side of a doggy gate that usually is meant to keep them downstairs.  With so many people coming and going it would have been bad news for them to be "in on the action."  This set up resulted in less barking but as you can see from the picture below it was a lot more of the same.  Copley resting and keeping an eye on things while Kerri (aka The Blur) just spazzed out.

The thing is that overall she did great.  She quieted when asked, was able to redirect her attention to me and remained polite to Copley and our company throughout.  She has just been doing so great lately that it is a bit of a shock when she acts like the 7 month old puppy that she is.  For now I am trying to just be grateful that she is doing so good and just block out that whole five hours where she didn't even so much as sit down for a second.

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  1. Sounds like she did do good! But what a ton of house issues yuck
    Dachshund Nola