Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We Are Back

Hello Everybody!

I am here to say we are coming back and sticking around.  Over the last couple of years this blog has fallen a bit to the side.  2017 is the year we come back!  Next week we are going to be celebrating a certain little chihuahuas four year adoption day and that will be our first regular post.  In the meanwhile please, please follow us on our social media Facebook and Instagram!  We are on twitter too but I can't make any promises there.

This blog got a little stale for me for a few reasons.  Mostly because I felt like I wasn't really filling a spot in the dog blogosphere.  I don't blog from my dogs point of view, my dogs are cute but not the Tuna Melts my Heart kind of cute.  For a lot of pet products I am not very advertiser friendly because I vocally feed a home made raw diet, but for hardcore raw people I am useless because I vaccinate my dogs and believe in veterinary science.  

In the end I think this blog can have a voice going forward.  It just might take a little exploring to find that again.  In the meanwhile here is a preview from our holiday card shoot.  The photo is by our good friend @ladylockoff


  1. Welcome back! Just followed you on Instagram. :D

    1. We followed you back! I'm excited to catch up again. I have so many blogs to get reading!