Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We interview Shorty Rossi and attend The Vegas Pet Expo

If you follow us on facebook, instagram or twitter you know we spent this last weekend at The Vegas Pet Expo!  The expo was a lot of fun, so much fun that I am covering it in TWO posts this one from me and a post written by our very own chihuahua extraordinaire Kerrigan.

The Vegas Pet Expo is a fun event showcasing a lot of different pet exhibitors, fun demos and a few celebrities.  We got to start our day by interviewing one of those celebrities- Shorty Rossi from the Animal Planet show Pit Boss, and his dog Hercules!  I asked him a little about why he chose pit bulls and about breed specific legislation.  As many of my readers know I was volunteering for a pit rescue when we fell in love with chihuahuas so it is an area close to my heart.  Here is our interview:

ME: I'll start with a question I ask everyone regardless of what breed they have because everyone is always asking me why chihuahuas?  So why pit bulls?  The first time, what drew you to pit bulls?
Shorty:  Well pit bulls are a misunderstood breed you know, people judge them for what they're not and they are very high maintenance and very difficult and very different and I understand that because at the same time little people are misunderstood, especially a little person that's an ex-con, ok?  You know people judge us, don't think we are capable.  We are not just circus freaks and leprechauns and everything else we are doctors, lawyers, business owners and stuff like that so I have that bond and understand that ok, I know how it is to be misjudged.  So, they are short and stocky just like shorty and they are a very loyal breed and I understand them.

A lot of my readers are small dog owners who might not realize that Breed Specific Legislation is something that everyone needs to be concerned with.  Do you have a few words you could say about BSL and why it matters to everyone?
People need to understand that once they start doing BSL and they start with the call it "dangerous breeds" pit bulls, rottweilers and so forth you are giving them the avenue to continue and create more laws that will effect you as a small dog owner.  And you know it shouldn't be punished, and imagine- some chihuahuas can be very nasty- imagine if they were the size of Hercules they'd be getting banned.  Ok?  And everyone thinks it is cute that little chihuahuas are nipping at people and everything but a dog bite is a dog bite.  A chihuahua does not have the capability to do any mauling or killing but it is the product of who we are.  We need to be respectful dog owners and you know don't let it be that way.  We need to fight for all dogs rights.  And punish the people and not the breeds!

I am so glad that he mentioned people allowing chihuahuas to get aggressive!  There are so many nasty chihuahuas out there mostly because when you take a strong headed, slightly defensive breed with intense attachment to their people and treat them like toys or princesses you end up with aggressive dogs.  Or at the least really bad resource guarders.  So I am thinking we should follow Shorty's advise here and work for a world where everyone is a conscientious dog owner and we are judging people on how well they treat their dogs not out banning breeds.  Sound like a plan?

Speaking of being a responsible owner....  A huge part of what has made Kerrigan the great dog she is today was also represented at the expo.  Smartypaws Canine Coaching!  I have been attending SmartyPaws since before we got Kerrigan and she has been there for group classes weekly most of her life.  From kinderpuppy to Novice Prep Agility and even specialized weaving class SmartyPaws has been amazing.  I also can't say enough about how much the owner, Donna, has helped me with Nova.  Adopting a feral dog is not something I would recommend but if you end up with one in your house like I did and you live in Las Vegas then SmartyPaws is the place to go.  Even better than just being at the expo SmartyPaws was doing agility demos!  Kerri got to kind of participate in one but had never been on fake grass before... so it was a bit of a disaster.  Well disaster for me a lot of fun for her- I'll let her tell that story.  For this post here is a picture of Kerri and Donna at their booth.

We also hung out a little with our friends at NKLV.  No Kill Las Vegas is an organization very close to our heart.  They are working to help reform the County shelter that Kerrigan was adopted from.  Sadly not all dogs are as lucky as her to get out of that place and the leadership running the shelter does not show a lot of caring for the many chihuahuas and pit bulls (along with other dogs and cats) that they are killing for no reason at all.  Even as a puppy there Kerrigan was lucky to make it out alive and we want to help change that.  Please check out NKLV and GoVegasDog on Facebook.  In the meanwhile though please still adopt from The Animal Foundation.  They are the county open admission shelter and the animals that end up there really do need homes even if the organization needs a reworking.  Here is Kerrigan posing for a picture with Bryce- one of the organizers behind NKLV.  He also spoke at the expo.  Did I mention that there were also a lot of great speakers at the Expo?  

In addition to all that there were also a lot of great products (I made a few purchases myself), a Mega Adoption Area with a lot of adoptable dogs and cats, exhibitors with birds of prey, bloggers like Max & Luther and Preston Speaks and so much more!  I'm going to let Kerri give you the info on all the fun stuff we bought since most of it was for her!  When that post is up I'll put the link here.  Overall I was very impressed with the quality of exhibitors and how much there was to do and see at the Expo.

Finally all of my readers outside of Las Vegas might be feeling a little left out here.  Luckily Amazing Pet Exo has expos all over the country.  Check the list here and see if one is coming near you.

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  1. So sad when we read about these shelters that put healthy animals down so routinely. We are also sad when toy dog owners turn their pets into aggressive dogs due to lack of socialisation. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly