Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Quiet Holiday!

Happy non denominational gift giving season everyone!  Around here we will be exchanging gifts on the 21st (the solstice) the 24th (Christmas) and the 12 days of pre-Christian tree related holiday season from the 21st to the 1st thanks to my wonderful Mom who puts together the 12 days for us every year.

Today is still the big day for us though and I just can't get over how different this Christmas was than years past.  For the first time in a long time I am living in a house with a bunch of well behaved adult dogs who for the most part avoid trouble.  As I said on Facebook earlier- there is something to be said for a house full of dogs following the rules but I just can't help but miss shooing dogs away from the presents, pulling wrapping paper out of their mouths and running behind them as they attempt to run away with the most fragile Christmas gift they can find.  No one even tried to drink my coffee this morning as I sat under the tree opening presents.  Ben even jokingly offered Kerrigan a cookie and she actually turned her head to the side, knowing it had to be a trick because she was not allowed to eat that.

For Nova this christmas could not have been more different from the last one.  The picture at the top of this post is her watching us open presents from under the tree.  She stayed a foot or two away from the action but she was interested and not scared this year.  When I woke up the first thing she did was run over to my chair for a cuddle- kinda amazing considering that last year I couldn't even touch her.  Here are a few shots of her this morning- excuse that "just go out of bed look" I thought it was too cute not to share.


Then here is Kerri.  She usually sleeps in that spot of sun and today she didn't let any gift giving get in her way.

Copley was literally too boring to photograph, I have enough pictures of him sleeping on the couch.  You will have to enjoy this out-take of our holiday photo shoot!

Happy holidays everyone!


  1. We hope you all had a lovely day full of fun and good cheer.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly