Monday, November 4, 2013

Funny Story

"I'm a dog, not a genius"

Today I was re-arranging some stuff and moved the dogs water bowl.  Usually when I move it I give them a little something fun in there- just to make sure everyone is attracted to the new place and no one is out looking for it later.  I used Ice Pups by Honest Kitchen and make it into a warm broth.  I made it pretty light and put it in the bowl.  Copley drank first (being chief food lover around here he always goes first) and it turns out I didn't put in enough liquid.  When I saw he was going to finish it I knew I didn't want to go through making a bunch more so I got water out of the tap and poured it in the bowl so there would be some left for the chihuahuas.

I guess using Copley logic I had "covered up" the tasty stuff so he stuck his entire head down in the bowl and licked the bottom of it.  A few times.  He was covered in water from snout to eyes- all because he didn't understand that the tasty stuff was being diluted, not covered.  I love how dogs brains work sometimes.

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  1. Now that is funny and actually clever as there is some logic there. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly