Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Two Year Adoption Day Kerrigan!

Yesterday we celebrated Kerri's two year adoption day (as we do not know her birthday exactly I go with the day we got her).  Here is a selection of pictures of her enjoying those last two years.

 Cuddling at a campsite in Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness

 Watching squirrels at Big Bear Lake, CA with Copley

 Environmental (Nuclear) Monitoring Station in Rachael NV at the Al'e'inn

 Chewing on a Zukes Treat from her BarkBox

 Practicing her balance on a pumpkin

 Christmass 2012!!!!

 Camping at a ghost town in Parahump, NV

 Posing at Cedar Brakes National Monument, UT

 Graduating Basic Obedience Class

 Looking Elegant on the Couch

 Hiking in the Mt. Charleston wilderness area, NV

 Fishing in Big Bear, CA

First Time Seeing Snow at the largest lodge pole pine tree in the world

 Meeting Nova for the first time (that we know of)

Sisters at Christmass

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