Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kodak Kiosk Review

Hey everybody!  It has been very busy around here- if you follow us on facebook you will know life has been full of rehearsals for Legally Blonde, thunderstorms and minor flooding, and even an agility competition!  I PROMISE a blog post later this week about the agility- Kerri did great.

In the meanwhile I have a review to bring you guys.  This may not be a dog product specifically but stick with me here.  The folks at Kodak contacted me to do a review of their Kiosks and after learning that they have some features specifically for pets I thought it would be a lot of fun.  I am a big fan of printing pictures.  I have had several hard drive losses in my life, along with a few stolen cameras and backup drives, so when I like a picture I print it.  I am also a fan of filling my house with pictures of my family and dogs so this is right up my alley.  Plus this Kiosk is at a CVS only blocks from my house where I usually print pictures anyway.

First I wanted to talk about what a good value it turned out to be.  For only $26 and change I got two 6x8 photo collages, three 6x8 yearly calendars, one 8x10 yearly calendar and an 8x10 photo.  The final products were great.  They had calendar backgrounds with little paws on them and there were a lot of layout options for everything.  My only complaint about the final product is that the 8x10 print out on a bigger sheet and you have to cut them yourself.

The best part about this was the photo editing options for pets.  They have a special tool for reducing pet eye glare- and it worked great!  I used that feature for most of the pictures I got printed and as you can see in the example of Copley below it made a great difference.  The eye ends up looking very natural.

In the future I am going to be using their collage making feature to print out some stuff for around the house.  I was surprised how good it turned out and how easy it was to use.  Took a lot less time than trying to do something at home with my fancy image editing software.  I did print one 8x10 that needed a little enhancement.  The picture was slightly underexposed and the editing worked fine on that but not any better than what I could do myself at home.  Like I mentioned it also printed on a larger piece of paper that I now have to cut (as you can see in the picture near the top of this post).  For that reason I would not use the Kodak Kiosk to print regular old 8x10s for the wall- but for other sizes and anything with pet eye glair it will be my go to source for printing from now on.

Overall I give the Kodak Kiosk 4 our of 5 stars!  It is certainly something that I will be using in the future and I am glad I checked it out.

I received a gift card from Kodak as part of their Kiosk Review Blogger Program so I did not pay for any of the products I talked about in this review.  I was not required to write a positive review and all the opinions I expressed are my own.

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