Monday, February 25, 2013

Fearful *will bite*

^This is at the top of every page of Nova's medical records^

We were talking with some friends the other night about wither or not they would have adopted Nova.  Most of them said yes- because she is so obviously Kerri's family.  The thing is its not really relevant- because most people would not have gotten the opportunity to adopt her.  She would have failed every temperament test out there and I don't know what the rescue I work with would have done with her if I hadn't picked her up that day.  In fact the vets office I got her from practically begged me not to take her- and I can't really blame them.  She was totally feral, scared beyond belief and probably a little bit unstable.  Now I'm not a saint here.  I can't say why I took her on, once she was here I knew I couldn't let her go, but why?  I suppose it is because me and Ben love dogs.  Alot.  But it is not just that because we have said no before.  I had a foster show up early in my fostering days with real aggression issues with men.  I sent him off to live with a single woman who was better able to deal with him.  George lived here for nearly six months and I let him go.  Coco was a 15 year old chihuahua who had had a really rough life and I let her go to a good home too.  I am not one to "foster fail."  I also know my limits and I have no guilt telling a foster coordinator "no more dogs."  Rumor on the street is I have a reputation for being a particularly patient foster home for dogs who need that extra little help.  The reason for that is I know my limit.  I only take on what I can handle and what is good for my pack of dogs.  You can't take on too much because then you are not good for anyone.

It took several years of fostering, training, dealing with my dogs and reading a lot for me to be in a place to handle Nova.  She is here because I can handle her, because Copley immediately fell in love with her and she is most certainly related to Kerri.  She is also here because an extremely nice person trapped her, a rescue I work with posted her picture on my facebook wall and a vets office held her and gave her a chance despite her less than stellar behavior.

What does the future hold for Nova?  Well she has been here for 3 months and still is not handle-able at all. She still eats her food at a speed faster than lightening. If either me or Ben come in looking different in any way she barks at us. New things are usually frightening, but sometimes not, still randomly. She really is a totally feral dog, and that is quite the thing to deal with, but you know what?  She gets better every day.  She may never be a therapy dog like Kerri, in fact she may never be out in public without a muzzle, but you know what?  Thats ok.  I will keep her safe, and help her relax and make her as stable and happy as I possibly can.  I don't know what 10 years from now will look like for Nova- but hopefully we can get that caution message removed from the top of her medical records.  That is if she is around for 10 more years... because how old is she?  No idea.

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