Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bark Back

Recently a friend on Facebook alerted me to a campaign being run by our friend Arbor at Go Vegas Dog to bring awareness to a recent epidemic of police shooting dogs in their own backyards.  To bring awareness to this issue Arbor is asking for a little help from all her friends.  Here is what she has to say about it:

Woof friends! The unnecessary and unjust killing of our family pets by law enforcement must stop. It has become an epidemic in our country occurring in our homes, back yards and front yards at an alarming rate. I know it's a big task for just one dog to tackle, but if we bark together I know we can make a difference! I'm putting together a video to bring awareness to this very problem and I need YOUR help. I'm looking for pictures of your four-legged family members with signs civilly protesting puppycide. Give your pets a voice, be creative!

As some of you now know, a family dog named Bubba in my hometown of Las Vegas was unjustly shot and killed in his own back yard by a poorly trained police officer. It is in his honor, and the many others who have senselessly lost their lives, that I am making this video. Would you please join my campaign?

Please submit pictures by January 28th. Captioned photos are welcome too, but I prefer physical signs. Get your family and friends involved too, the more pets we having barking (or meowing) back the louder our message will be! Send pics via Facebook (Go Vegas Dog) or e-mail them to:

Thanks and big licks!

So blog readers (I get google stats, I know there are hundreds of you coming here every day, so don't pretend you don't exist)- I don't usually ask a lot of you guys but today please share this campaign, participate by taking some pics of your pups and talk to your friends about it!

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