Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Cards

I just made an appointment to get Copley's picture taken for our holiday cards.  We decided not to have the puppy in them this year because this is a super cheap in-mall photo studio who only does pets once a week.  I do not think they will have the expertise/patience/time to get a good shot of them both.

They have props, but we have to provide the outfits.  I took some great photos of Copley in 3 different hats I got from target for under $10 total.  Please let me know what outfit you all think would be the cutest.  You have to use your imagination because they still have really long drawstrings that need cut and one still has a tag (oops).  I also will be getting a red collar or something to go with whatever outfit we choose. 

We have to choose from (as modeled by a recently woken up dog)-
Holiday Ruffle
Winter hat and scarf

Santa-type hat

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