Early Life
Kerrigan (aka Kerri) was adopted on October 17th 2011 from a high kill city shelter in Las Vegas. She was 12 weeks old.

Kerri completed her six week puppy class when she was five months old.  Since then she has graduated a puppy agility foundation class, basic obedience and 4 agility classes.  In her first agility trial she got 2qs and a 1st place ribbon.  I do hope one day to get back into agility, but she really loves being a therapy dog and it takes up a lot of the extra time I have.  Between therapy dog work and the occasional modeling or acting gig sometimes Kerrigan has a more complicated calendar than any of the humans in the house!

On July 17, 2012 she passed her Canine Good Citizen test.  In early 2013 she completed all necessary testing and was certified as a therapy dog.  She has been visiting a library for the last three years and we throw in other therapy dog visits when we can.

Favorite Activities
  • Moving too fast to get good picutires
  • Playing fetch
  • Playing with Copley
  • Exploring the outdoors
  • Going to training classes
  • Lounging around in the sun
Fun Facts
  • Kerrigan is named after a video game character from Starcraft and Starcraft II.  We named her Flora for two days before deciding that name just didn't suit her.  The name Kerrigan was suggested by a friend.
  • Kerrigan is a Chihuahua- although she does not meet any sort of breed standard.  Despite her lack of good breeding she certainly does act like a Chi.
  • Kerrigan is her name and she knows it but mostly we call her Kerri or Care Bear.
  • Kerrigan has acted in a local production of Legally Blonde and even done some paid modeling work!