Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kerrigan Covers The Las Vegas Pet Expo

Inspecting the Loot
Hey everybody!  Kerrigan here!  Last week Annie covered our experiences at the Las Vegas Pet Expo in this post.  She told you about our friends at NKLV and all about what Shorty Rossi had to say...  mostly boring human stuff.  I offered to cover the expo from a chihuahuas perspective.  Now may I have your attention to talk about one thing and one thing only.  The contents of THIS package. 
We all know my favorite food is pork.  Next to that it is duck.  I usually lick, then walk away from those crappy meatless treats- HOWEVER- these Saintlees treats are the best thing I have tasted since Annie brought home an entire pork leg for me.  These are literally my favorite treats ever.  As soon as me and the people walked up to their booth at the expo and smelled them I just knew I would love them.  Annie was skeptical that I would like them and almost didn't take the sample from the nice woman- I literally was about to scream at her for turning it away!  Then she took it and gave me a little piece- I ate it so fast they couldn't believe it.  They smell AMAZING- like coconut oil and bananas.  The humans like that because for some strange reason they don't want their pockets to smell like fish or artificial smoke flavoring anymore.  I like it because it smells delicious!!!  I told Mom she needs to order a case of them now.

So thanks for reading my little blog post- it is time for me to go.... what?  Annie has informed me that I should talk about the rest of the expo too.  That food is not the most important thing about our trip there.  Maybe if I remember other things I can get some Saintlees treats?  They said yes.  I suddenly remembered a lot of other fun stuff we did!

As you know I am a rescue pup.  Or so they tell me- I was adopted as a little baby.  It was so great to see all the really cool rescue pups like me finding homes at the expo!  We have some real issues with the county shelter I came from- The Animal foundation- but we are still happy to see when my friends are adopted out of there.  There were quite a few little buddies like me adopted from the county shelter and from other private rescues in the MEGA ADOPTION area at the expo!  A lot of rescues were on hand with information about how to adopt too.  Did you know that a huge number of pure bred dogs like me are in shelters?  Think you can't get a 5lb chihuahua or a purebred Labrador from a rescue?  Think again!  I am proof of the chihuahua thing and here I am making friends with some ladies from the Las Vegas Labrador Rescue.  My favorite part of the expo was when I got to hang out with new people.  I LOVE NEW PEOPLE.  I wish the humans would hand me over to everyone we see in public.  No idea why they don't do that.

Speaking of being handed over to strangers... I met a really Handsome celebrity dog named Hercules.  I tried to say an appropriate hello but all anyone wanted us to do was post for a picture together.  Sigh.  This is the closest we got to each other and he smelled AMAZING.

Me and Mr.Handsome

I decided I need to get myself a pitbull boyfriend.  Hercules seems too busy for the job.  I already have a pit mix minion but he isn't boyfriend material.  Too young for me.

My minion
 We also bought some not edible things at the expo.  For starters my new favorite bed!  It is from Zen Pet Den.  It is super comfortable and is great for those times when instinct takes over and I run in circles trying to dig up the middle of my bed.  This one actually lets me do that!  It is so great that me and Nova took our first nap before Annie even put it away.  Just plopped down right in the middle of the room. Soooo confey!

Finally- if you have been following us on instagram you know I am really loving my new therapy dog harness from JuliusK9.  It is comfortable and all the librarians where I get read to by my very own kid told me my new outfit looked really good.

I think that is all I have to say.  It is time to go eat lunch.  PLEASE LET IT BE PORK!!!!
P.S.- Sorry it took so long to write this post.  Paws on the key board and all you know.

XOXOXO- Kerrigan


  1. Better late than never Kerrigan. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Kerrigan - I can't thank you enough for your awesome compliments. I think Annie has earned that case of treats :) xoxo Megan Hughes, Saintlees

  3. We are so glad we found you guys Saintlees!