About Us

The DogInTheDesert family-

I am Annie and I write most of the posts around here.  Right now I live in Nevada with my amazing husband Ben and our three dogs Copley, Kerrigan and Nova.  We both work in non-traditional work environments that leave us plenty of days to hike, enjoy the outdoors and write about it for all of you guys.  We are environmentalists, feminists and our favorite motto is "buy fresh buy local."  One day we hope to own a small family farm but in the meantime we are dedicated to making as much of our diet come from local small farms as possible.  As far as we are concerned our family is complete with just us and the dogs and we have made the choice not to have any human children.

WOW- that makes us sound pretty nutty-crunchy doesn't it?  Well I should also probably mention we DO believe in western medicine, and vaccines.  Also I LOVE to play Star Craft 2.  For all of you non-gamers out there that is a real time strategy game that also is a competitive sport.  In fact Kerrigan and Nova are named after characters in said game.